Thursday, October 1, 2009

Portland bound

We leave for Portland tonight. The Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge begins tomorrow. The bike is ready. I am prepared. The weather is changing (again).

I'm excited to go to Portland. We haven't been there since the NAHBS '08. We will get one night spent in the Ace Hotel, then Katie goes back to Seattle Friday night on the train. Then I spend a couple nights with a kind couple, Joel and Hannah, who are enthusiastic about bikes and frame builders. It all is exciting and I'm honored to participate.

It has been a great learning opportunity having such a hard deadline to meet with so many details and complications to the build. I was floored by the effort to get a project together in such a short amount of time and I couldn't have done it without the organizational help and support of my wonderful wife, Katie.

Our families have also been extremely supportive, especially during our wedding weekend event. Everyone pitched in to help out, organizing, cleaning, setting up and breaking down, and having an all around fun time. What a privilege to share our time with both families as they got to know one another. I hope that we all can find a time to do it again soon.

Thanks too, to the folks at Counterbalance Bicycles in Seattle for all their encouragement.

There isn't much else for me to add right now. I'll have more news upon my return.