Friday, September 4, 2009

Words cannot describe...

the feeling you get when something you've labored over for many months leaves you to go be with another person, forever. I think Robert touched on it on his blog. He wrote, "As I drove away with the bike, I noticed Dan in my rear view watching me roll down the hill with it. He had a huge grin on his face."

I felt like a parent watching his kid drive off for his first day at college.

Robert came by a few days ago to pick up his new Boxer randonneuring bicycle. He is one of the nicest fellows you will ever meet, and rides a lot with the Seattle International Randonneurs.

Robert and I began talking about a randonneuring bicycle for him last winter during the SIR winter training series. I remember, we were riding on Whidbey Island, cruising along, chatting about bikes and enjoying the buzz of the road. Robert expressed an interest in having a proper randonneuring bike for all his long-distance adventures and we promised to re-visit the notion when Boxer Bicycles was up and running. He was one of the first people I contacted when I opened for business in March '09.

It has been a pleasure working with Robert as he's so easy-going. I was also lucky enough to enlist Robert's services to work up a logo design from some chicken scratch drawings I did a while ago. So each Boxer Bicycle will be festooned with Robert's sharp artwork. You can learn more about Robert and his work, life, rando escapades at his blog and website here.

More photos of the entire build sequence are on my flickr pages. Nice stuff, sho' nuff.