Thursday, June 25, 2009

And so we go

My name is Dan Boxer. I live, ride and build frames and bicycles in Seattle, Washington. I ride with the Seattle International Randonneurs.

My bicycles take great inspiration from the fully-integrated classic bicycles produced by the French constructeurs from the 1930's to the 1960's. Each machine, designed to incorporate basic, crucial details and elements, was perfectly suited for each bicycle's intended purpose. All unnecessary elements were eliminated, resulting in elegant, timeless designs which still hold relevance in today's hectic and modern world. Much of the complication can be boiled down to the following notions:
1) Bicycles need to be able to travel where the rider wishes, regardless of road surface quality and condition.
2) Weather and lighting conditions must not restrict when a bicycle can be ridden.
3) A bicycle rider must be able to bring along items of interest or pick them up along the way.
4) A bicycle must function in sync with it's rider, encouraging the rider to go further and faster than previously possible.

Ultimately, a properly integrated bicycle will have tires which allow the rider to travel at reasonable speeds on roads of varying conditions, sturdy, lightweight fenders which enable the rider to continue riding despite variable, inclement weather conditions and lightweight, powerful lighting (front and rear) enabling the rider to continue riding into and through the night. Perfectly mated with purpose-built, lightweight and sturdy racks to carry luggage and cargo, these bikes encourage a spirited rider to stretch his/her boundaries, be they geological, physical or psychological.

Careful, informed component selection will result in a sporting, quick, lightweight and reliable bike. This may incorporate vintage components as well as thoroughly modern and contemporary equipment, whatever best suits the needs of the rider and the ultimate design. All of this is achieved in an elegant and timeless aesthetic, which appeals to anyone who appreciates finely crafted, beautiful objects.

At least, that's the way I see it.

I offer these beautiful bicycles in lugged and fillet brazed steel as frame/fork/rack/fender and complete bicycle options.
I welcome inquiries, questions and comments, so please hold forth. I maintain a number of Flickr sets. The most recently posted photos are here.